Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hello all and welcome back!

HUGE news that I'm extremely excited to blog/share about!

Firstly, the most upcoming event...

One of my roommates and I will be traveling to Sri Lanka, a third world country located between West Asia and South East Asia, to give our heart and hands to those in need. An organizations called Travelers World Wide has us hooked.

Mid June marks the date that we will depart for 4 weeks for an adventure of a lifetime. Beyond the excitement, there are parts of me that are scared to see what is behind the door that is opening. Without question its happening and I cannot explain the feelings that race through my body,incredible! I don't think it will hit until maybe hour 7 of the 21 hour flight!

Being a nursing major, while in Sri Lanka I will be diving into 2 obstacles that many wouldn't even dream of.

1. A medical internship for the first two weeks assisting Doctor K. Sri Ranjan. He holds surgery twice daily from the smallest performance such as cutting out a foreign object all the way to the highly dangerous performance of brain surgery. Eager as ever to assist, I know that the idea of a "Hospital" isn't exactly the same meaning to us. Not to mention the idea of surgery will be vastly different as well.

2. For the last two weeks in Sri Lanka, I will be spending with kiddos at a children's orphanage...loving on abandoned children, children coping from rape, disabled children, all ranging from a few months old to 18 years of age. My daily tasks will include coloring, playing, smiling(for they will have no idea what I am saying), teaching bits of the English language, comforting, bathing, feeding, and most importantly sharing my heart with the children that probably don't even understand the meaning of LOVE.

With tears filling my eyes, this experience will be hard, mind blowing, strengthening, fulfilling, and something that will engrave my life deeply. Most importantly this is something that I am suppose to do, and knowing that is so satisfying.

So here...
...will be home for 28 days. 28 days of giving, loving, and sharing my heart with others on the other side of the world:)


This school year is closing in quickly, very quickly. I'm often reminded that this place I love so much will soon be just a spot to visit. Bittersweet leaving behind such plush memories here in Santa Barbara California, yet quite thrilling to set foot in my new school. So far I have heard back from Sacramento State University, Channel Island State University, and San Francisco State University. Holding out to hear from my top schools which are
University of Texas,Austin
Texas Christian University
Texas State
Long Beach State University fingers remain crossed.

Finally this month is a celebration to many significantly special people that have made my life that much more great...since it's their birthdays why not make a special recognition!

Minna Ramos  

March 3rd was this gals bday! Minn and I first met when I moved to St. Helena my junior year in high school. 3 years ago and and many more to come, I know this girl will be in my life for forever. I remember faintly meeting her for the first time, was so intimidated for she was beautiful, a social butterfly, edgy creative style, and a smile that was so welcoming. I got the nerve and introduced myself, we hit it off rather well! She reads me like a book, every moment with Minn is pure glee! I've laughed and cried my hardest with this girl! She's remarkable in every which way and truly is a shinning star! Minn happy birthday girl!

Lia Vosti 

March 10th(TODAY) is my beautiful Bunks birthday. I also met her my junior year at St. Helena high. She was that smart girl, the girl every guy would kill to have as his wife one day, the well rounded lady that rocked everything she did, the girl that has a heart of gold that gives and gives simply out of the goodness of who she is! This is Lia one incredible soul that has made me apart of the Vosti family. The most gracious bunch of people I have ever met. Positive as ever this girl is going far, with goals and dreams that amaze me. Lia is awesome and one of my dearest friends and to that I would love to wish the happiest day of birth to my Bunk! 

 Jorge Verde, George Green, daddio, pa, pops,

 Tomorrow marks the birth of this old guy! Pretty remarkable man that has definitely pulled through and supported me through these collage years tremendously. A man thats smart, witty, and a rather creative way to look at the world. This is my father, the guy that gave me my humor, my eyes. my hair. Dad lives life like a rockstar. Literally! He makes sure to tell me that life is to short to let small things dwindle me down. He has taught me to never let anyone take you for granted. He shows me how to be smart with my money and to splurge once in a while. Most importantly he's my number one fan, always rooting me on to reach my goals, to be adventurous, to work hard, to live for we certainly don't live forever.

 He's goofy as hell and that will always be his number one quality to his lil girl!

He swears he is taller then me so on his birthday I'd like to say, "Dad, you old man, I am taller then you." :) Love you daddio, and to you I wish you the Happiest 61? years of life!

Much love to all! Live and love life!xo