Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hello fellow friends!

What's new with me? Spring break was last week, after a much needed break from school, I can say the pace of life is much different then life on the Cliff. At home, Paradise Texas... We eat a lot, lay on the couch a lot, do a lot of nothing. To say the least it was relaxing, no class to attend, no phone to answer, no roommates to come home to, no dishes or laundry to do:) Life was simple, a frozen feeling, and a great time for me to gather my thoughts, to calm the mind from hours of biology, physiology, psychology, sociology, and all the other "ology's" HA. Which was a relief!
Sooo here is home, hanging with my fambam, my dogs, mom and petey, and our visiter the Grandmother aka "Busia", that I haven't seen in 4 long years. Needless to say a much needed visit.

Face masks.
Snow cones.
Play time.
Old friends.
Lounge time.
Equalling a rather joyful week home on the ranch!

I think the best part about home is the small things that you never noticed until moving off to college. The small things that add up to be such rewarding things.

Having a ceiling fan in each room vs. windows open and hoping to catch a breeze.

Having a dishwasher, and a mother to unload it vs. arguing which of the 7 other roommates left behind their dirty dish.

Having a washing&drying machine at your finger tips vs. lugging your laundry down a flight of stairs hoping you dont drop anything, then realizing you are a quarter to sort, then after fetching a quarter that machine is now taken by one of the other 50 college kids that live in you complex.

SOFT toilet paper vs. toilet paper you are scared to use..I mean is diaper rash really worth it?

A couch vs. couches that reek of oder 24/7:)

Cable TV vs. a huge flat screen to look at.

Dogs, that love you no matter what you say to them vs. 7 other roommates.

Floors you can walk on barefoot vs. floors you dont dare walk upon even with 3 pairs of socks on.

Lastly dinner that is hot, delicious, and waiting for your each evening at 6pm vs. opening the freezer uhhhhh guess I'm eating cereal tonight, oh I dont have milk, ok just cheerios, stale? Oh well? 

Home is plush, simply where the heart is, and thats something that warms me each time I return. Don't get me wrong, I am happy as a bee here at school, but theres just those "small" things in life that really, truly make all the difference in the world. 


Sri Lanka is growing near, Jen and myself are thrilled each day as we step closer! Enduring the SIX shots that we received in preparation of our journey not so much...three more to go in a month, BUT it will be worth the pain, we're sure of it:)

 Now it's official, on paper and everything!

The saving continues, for shots aren't covered on insurance unfortunately.  


My Step-Father
Tuesday April 3rd was Pete's day of birth:)
Honestly don't know where to begin on the scale of how incredibly lucky I am to have another father this remarkable in my life. To a man that bends beyond backwards for me, that jumps through hoops, that gets me Christmas presents that I don't even remember asking for until I unwrap it, that always chooses my side over moms, that protects me from all lil boys growing up that dare even looked at me, to the man that has represented the father figure in my life for 15 plus years.

 To my petey, whom I love more than words can describe,Happy Birthday Pops!

-love to all & Happy Easter!