Monday, May 20, 2013

.....I get it.....

I don't know how many times I recently have found myself smiling or crying all in the sense of finally understanding. My mom, father, step-father, and many others have pounded the endless comment in my head "You'll understand one day". That one day, I thought would never come. 



This blog I guess you can say is proof that your elders kinda know what they are talking about. you age in general, some things you finally just GET. 21 years young....

I get why smiling is the most important first impression.

I get why kids are not to be had until marriage, and until after the age of 23 at least. 

I get why my job is babysitting. To help me understand the earlier statement.

I get why my mom made me pay for my own gas, it isn't cheap, yet a pretty crucial resource.

I get why you should make your bed after you wake up, makes climbing into it that evening much more fun.

I get that saying NO isn't a bad thing.

I get why being clean is mandatory. To present yourself the way you dream of people remembering you.

I get why organization is key to a successful week.

I get why my mom would stress about having my lunch packed the night before, mornings are never a good time for lunch packing.

I get why nutrition is essential, you have one body, one life. 

I get why exercise was mandatory in grade school, obesity kills.

I get why a glass of wine is good for the soul, as well as bubble baths.

I get why compliments are so hard to give, and even more difficult to accept. 

I get why my mom likes to wear black on black. It's classy, appealing, and suitable for any occasion. 

I get why I am obsessed with rearranging my room, change keeps you young.

I get why people put flowers in living areas, adding life to any space gives you something to smile about.

I get why clarity in any state is always good.

I get that honesty is NOT a game.

I get that words can hurt, actions hurt more.

I get smiling after tears help. a lot.

I get running away from problems should never be an option.

I get that my priorities might not be yours, and thats okay.

I get that friends are a great thing, and best friends are the irreplaceable things. 

I get that dishes should never pile up, dishwashers are awesome, and unloading will never not suck.

I get that laundry should never pile, your clothes are apart of you, hang them. 

I get that ironing is something people notice, un-ironed things people notice too.   

I get that most TV is trash.

I get that most music is trash.

I get that your choices can make or break you. 

I get that sunscreen does work.

I get that being on time really does matter, and may I add says a lot about your character.

I get rules made for driving are to be followed, DEATH is on the line each time you start your vehicle.

I get that trying hard is different from trying.

I get that Kindergarden was the best grade, because you will never get an allotted time for naps. ever. again. 

I get that making people happy feels good, but happiness within your own heart is what really matters.     

I get that the world isn't out to get me.

I get that I am the creature of my complications.

I get that accomplishing your dreams is very possible.

I get that most things aren't impossible.

I get that I have a love/hate relationship for my telephone, we live in a world that's hard to live without them.

I get that internet makes my life way to simple.

I get that children laughing makes me smile so large.

I get that snowcones make the world go around.

I get that coffee is my crack.

I get what respect means. Being respectful to others, yourself, and your surroundings isn't easy. 

I get that you sometimes treat the ones you love the most, the worst. 

I get that grandparents won't be alive forever. call them.

I get that pets are family. 

I get that meeting new people opens endless doors.

I get that religion, regardless what your faith is, having a foundation helps those maintain a structural life. 

I get that a stern handshake says a lot, a lousy handshake says more.

I get that karma does come around.

I get that good food, and great company is fabulous.

I get pouting will get me no where.

I get that surrounding yourself with negativity is like going to prison.

I get that changing a diaper isn't gross, it's a talent.

I get that kisses, from a dog or a human are super special.

I get that hugs make a person's day.

I get that wearing bright colors, makes your day feel brighter.

I get wearing matching bra and panties adds a pep in your step for the day. 

I get the word "Hate" shouldn't me a word.

I get over the top dramatic people are a different species. 

I get it isn't all about looks, yes I wasted half my high school years in front of a mirror.

I get that the kind of car you drive means NOTHING. 

I get that being the best you can be, will get you places.

I get that traveling can change your life.

I get that Loving someone/something is a feeling most can't describe. 

I get that there is danger, and crime,the world sadly isn't rainbows and popsicles.

I get that it's okay to have a bad day.

I get mistakes happen.

I get mistakes that you learn from, are mistakes you won't do again.

I get that having a clean home is as cool as getting a new wardrobe.

I get being a good listener is something to strive towards. 

I get that I am 21 years young, and that this is only 1/4 of what I'm bound to get as I venture through life.

I get that my elders were right.

I get that momma does know best.

I get that life isn't easy,but understanding some of the small things that make up life... helps.


Sunday, May 12, 2013

In celebration of Momma's Day, I cant help but to share.

I have to brag, bragging that my mom deserves fully.

My mom.

Is beautiful from tip to toe.

The most generous, warm, sympathetic, loving, bold women I know.

I was blessed with my mom 21 years ago. 21 years ago my mom took on the role of being the best idol one could ask for.

On January 20, 1992 I was given the greatest gift. A mother that pours endless love. A mother that puts my life before her own. A mother that runs in circles to make ME happy. A mother that has listened to endless sob stories and still loves unconditionally.  A mother that leaves a smile everywhere she goes. A mother that makes the rough times a time of learning. A mother that understand the definition of a 'good person'.

A mother that makes me the happiest daughter on Earth.

To my mom, may I recognize your hard word, dedication, and love you forever share. Never a day I forget your qualities that I strive to perfect by the time I am a momma.

I thank you for my freckles, my hump nose, my height, my big feet, and my big chubby cheeks.

I honor you in the way you have raised me to be the lady I attempt to be=)


To the women that has my entire heart, that is states away but only a phone call away to save the day!

I love you momma llama, more then all the fish in the sea....

Hope your Mother's Day was rewarding, for you are nothing short of Perfect !!!