Friday, August 9, 2013

What is luck to you?

Blogging to me is my outlet source...I write my blogs because someone or something has influenced me to do so

most of the time.

THIS BLOG, I can thank a 3 year old.

As many of you know, my life is highly consumed with little fingers, tiny laughs, germs galore, many story times, 1001 games of hide-n-seek.....


Not to many intellectual conversations. 

One day I was stumped. Inspired. And well even more giddy for the children that absorb my life.

One little boy (Nick), age 3. This particular boy never misses an opportunity to comment my hair, outfit, hairy legs, my eye color, my spotted skin, AND this time my jewelry.

Everyday I wear this gold ring on my left hand, that to a kid may look like a gold band-aid,or maybe just to a 3 year old it did. 

To start the ring is special to me for I bought it with a few of my good friends, yet it turns my finger green half the time. It's special.

Nick asked me a few days ago out of the blue, while his TV show was on. He turned and looked at me almost as if he'd been waiting for the perfect moment...

Nick states, "OHHH Carissa is that a band-aid on your finger"

I told him was a gold ring that is super special to me. 

Nicks eyebrows crinkled. He said, "that thing on your thumb, is that a ring too?"

I often forget since it doesn't come off, but quickly I said yup Nick two rings indeed!!!

Not but a few seconds later Nick nailed it, "Man, Carissa, TWO? TWO rings, my Carissa you are so so so lucky."

First I didn't have an idea of what to say to Nick, I looked at my hand with two scraps of metal, one around my thumb, one around my index finder. I was thinking...




I smiled at Nick, "Yes Nick I am super duper lucky to have TWO whole rings."

The conversation ended, and heck Nick probably doesn't even recall the conversation at this point, but this one stuck with me. Left me thinking.

this is what I've collected ~

Luck in my mind is a cluster of some of the best qualities life has to offer, all in one. 

I don’t believe in luck to be blunt.  I believe in endless happiness, thoughtful ways to give your own hand.

I believe in karma, or a derivative of making this world a better more beautiful happy blissful place.

I believe in fairness, smiles, compassion, desire, strength, thought, and the list goes on.

As Holly Harrison shared with me, “Good or bad, something extraordinary or tragic people claim it as luck because it is such a different situation than their everyday life…When really life is full of all kinds of jolts and twists and upside down spins. We’re just to in routine to realize it’s coming.”

I run my life from sun up to sun down in a mindset that makes others tired. I think running with the unexpected bring more of the reward.

Life isn’t about luck, life isn’t a game of “knocking on wood” to save yourself from anything bad. Or "just my luck". Life is what you bring to the table. Life is what makes your heart beat to its own rhythm.

Luck to me…. Is deciphered with my own actions, your own ways of living. Luck isn’t a token that’s tossed your way when you least expect it, to save you one last time....OR to really screw it all up.
 You can see it coming, least I can. 
Luck is a melting pot of the entire picture. 
There is no scale on the spectrum of a lucky life, nor does wealth matter, nor does location. Yet some may disagree with me, claiming life is all about...


I say life is about direction. 

What direction do you wish to lead your life to find that pot of gold?
What direction makes you rejoice in cartwheels?
What direction makes you feel your own definition of luck?

Materialistically speaking 2 golden rings ARE lucky, 2 is clearly more appealing then 1... to a 3 year old, but to my 21 year old self…2 golden rings made ME explore my idea of “luck”.

2 golden rings showed me the mindset I want to have and most importantly the mindset I choose to have.

To me it was a lesson taught by a 3 year old, to show myself what LUCK is defined within my heart....and not just what I have to "show-off" my luck, because in the end that's not what matters.