Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer has ended.

Memories of the unthinkable. Adventures one only dream of. Places visited that left visuals planted. Moments I wont forget. Summer 2012, thank you!

After Sri Lanka, it was all about good company, late nights, BBQ's, big smiles, sunshine, and relaxing!

I did just that, Hannah(one of my dearest friends I met in Santa Barbara) and Holly(my best friend from Texas) coordinated to both come and hang with me in Northern California for a week or so. TIME OF MY LIFE.

We covered it all.

Wine tasting.
San Francisco.
Gorgeous Valley Views.
Touristy things.
Late night chitchats.


Spending time with each other!

Summer has hit the spot, was filled with some of the people I hold closest to my heart. 

This summer was unique, for myself it was important. Each year I come home I realize we've become one step closer to reaching graduation, entering grad school, having a career, a spouse, a family. To me that is frightening. Summer time is a reward for an accomplished year, as well as a stepping stone to the next level. 

That's huge! 

Not to long before we reunite and one's become engaged, married, awarded a killer spot in their career, has started a family, falls off the face of the earth, becomes the next Albert Einstein and the list goes on. 


Yet thrilling. 

Where will each of you be next summer?


SHOCKINGLY! I am now a Sacramento Hornet. Last minute change of plans landed me back in California. I welcome myself to California State University, Sacramento. Yeee.

My thoughts and feelings now are much of that uneasy, unsure, and anxiousness level. Lots of change in such a short time has me going 3977339 miles an hour. 

The thought of not having a house full of roommates, having my own room, plethora of parking, spotless house(not apartment).

I have entered the life of an "adult" whatever that may mean.

I'm in a neighborhood with all ages, even 89 year olds. In a city that caters to more then just a college town.

I have forcefully grown up over night.


Monday I'm thrown onto campus, a large campus with 28,000 students, classes to find, times to meet, and life on the line.

I'm terrified for this is real, no more time to screw around, the clock starts now. 

I am excited more that nervous-excited, but excited. I will be honest, I have melted a few times for the factor of fear has hit me...hard. 

I like the "new" I enjoy change, that is why I attended 3 high schools, but college, is scary!

One step at a time.

So Home, three bedroom two bath house, and 3 housemates total, not 8. 

Real life, big girl life is getting well, "real". 

Cute&Cozy Casa!

Big change from the vastly beautiful Santa Barbara, California that I dearly miss, but like my momma said "It's time, adulthood welcomes you". Shivering while typing this, it's all settling in