Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Magical idea that may be so far fetch that it's.... perfect.

Sky high flying back to the Midwest. I could explain how this doesn't excite me even the slightest BUT I have exhausted that sentence. I had one phenomenal Spring Break. Thankfully spring break was awarded just as I was about to break emotionally and physically with school and the stresses that come with. 

California never fails when all I need is a smile and unconditional love and fun. I didn't do much this break besides sit in rooms with my favorites, typically with a glass of vino in hand. It was needed, it was amazing, and summer break is in 




I can do this. 

Upon my week of relaxation I brainstormed this idea that is nothing shy of magical. So magical I had to share. 

Lets discuss Society.
For me Society is this huge object/item/thing/human standing on a stage screaming at me the way I should and shouldn't do life. This sort of idea that we as creatures on Earth have to do X, Y, and Z, and some ridiculous idea they call a timeline when this and that must be done. Not only doing X, Y, and Z, but completing them in a way that others have said that they need to be checked off. This may seem so wrong as you read this, but it's exactly how we all do life. 

 I have to do my homework, I have to work today, I have to work out, I have to do laundry. Company is coming over I have to clean my house. I have to get into this school by this date. I have to be successful by this date,  I have to call that person. I have to, I have to , I have to. When really life can look different with a simple twist of the way we word our words. Hear me out.

I find myself as a nursing student complaining of the endless hours of homework that I can't seem to get ahead. It's killing me, it brings out my worst dramatic self blah blah blah, it exhausting, its true but its never going to change so heres my change. Instead of voicing I have to do my 4 million hours of homework ugh I hate this. Why not step back realize I've wanted to be right where I am for years, I have longed to be in nursing school. Im here and now its time to shine and take the 4 million hours of homework and do them, complete them, and complain less. It's easy for me to say now for this first week back I feel refreshed but I think with anything in life you need to realize you don't have to work or work out. You CHOSE to because you want that challenge, no? Life is full of decisions we put on our plate individually, handpicked even....think about it. WE need to complain less. 

We all work, we all complain about it, no one actually loves what takes them away from time with loved ones or takes you away from your goose feather comforter and plush mattress. But this can be viewed differently as well. For myself working for a company totally online, the freedom of setting my own hours, balancing work with school. My goal is to look at work as I get to earn some easy cash by styling people online that want MY opinion on what to put on their body to start their day, how cool... all while I am in my Pjs, and in the comfort of my home. Work has a new meaning, I picked this "work" I love it. Why did I ever complain? It pays rent each month too, also feeds me, and gives me money for plane tickets home, man thats awesome. 

When school does end and work becomes a big girl job as Nurse Carissa, I hope to keep this mentality. This is my dream, and any dream shouldn't fall under the negative word that society hounds on 

Working out, I hate it.  Instead the negativity, set a challenge, voice I am going to sweat so much that after this hour of intensity I will feel rejuvenated and less stressed, have a great looking temple I mean you only get one, and hey I will even fit into my pants. 

Folding laundry who jumps up and says hell yes laundry? But having this idea of man I love these clothes, they keep me warm, they look great on me, and they are reusable, durable, and are a necessity. Laundry folding isn't that bad after all. 

7 hour clinicals starting back up twice a week, zero pay, makes for a long ass day, waking up at 4am to deal with things that are negative, unpleasant, disturbing, and a challenge. Looking through a new set of lens, I am excited to offer myself for 7 hours to people in a place of need much greater than myself. I get to give MY skills, MY knowledge, MY smile to help someones shitty day a tiny bit better, waking up at 4am isn't that bad after all. 

Our list of complaints will never end. But I do believe that our complaints can be voiced and looked at in a way thats much more pleasant to hear and see. Not to mention the act of doing these daily tasks will be much more rewarding. 

Remember many of our complaints are our own decisions, Spring Break showed me this magical lesson. I think that 7 weeks in between myself and summer is a great time to implement positive projections and actions. Live the life you have molded for yourself. 

For a great nighttime read I must recommend two life changing reads. 
Spark Joy by Marie Kondo- a book that takes you down a path of decluttering your home and life.
The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz- a book about a way of living much greater than I can even begin to explain.

Happy Spring. It's going to be the best one yet. The power of your own voice is amazing, give this magical idea a go, what's there to lose?

Friday, September 25, 2015

Hi I am Carissa, I'll be your student nurse...

Entering the doors at 5:30am of my first day on the floor as a Student Nurse. Ready to work magic. Be a superstar. Heal everyone. In all honestly I put my scrubs on like I had done it a million and one times and I was ready.

I thought.

I was assigned a few patients. Duties were to overlook, assess, and aid for the next 6 hours. I gathered names, chart info, anddddd then my nerves kicked in...
                     I was just about to enter my very first patients room. Without someone holding my hand.. this was my time to shine.

Shinning was far from what I did.


No response...entering slowly, grabbing gloves

I froze.

There laid my first patient.


frail, elderly, unconscious, nonverbal, catheter, oxygen tubes,cold.....and her husband near overlooking her with tears flooding his face.


 I'm Carissa......

my eyes filled up, my heart was racing much faster than my own patients....

I was standing before the most dreaded day of this man's life. The nearing death of his wife.

I couldn't find words.... I knew all I was in there to do, is to check in, and "move/rotate"  my patient every 2 hours.

After what seemed like days, I finally told the husband what I needed to do. He stepped out of the room before I could say anymore, he couldn't. I couldn't. Another student and I began to rotate her, to avoid bed sores. In reality this was the last task that I wished to do, for all I wanted to do was to crawl into her bed, hold her tight, rip out my own heart and give it to her.

I had this wave of something flash before me. As I am holding her head. Dead weight. Keeping her oxygen tube and catheter tube stable as my classmate slowly rotates the rest of her body, dozens of pillows around her. She has no idea. I fought tears, her head in my palm. I was having the hardest time.

This energy filled the room slowly...assuring me I was there for all the right reasons. This rush that felt so important slowly allowed me to breathe.
She was repositioned. She was delicate, beautiful,  she was dying.

Taking off my gloves backing out of the room one baby step at a single tear streamed down my face, glancing at my watch...whispering I would be back in less than 2 hours to do as assigned again.....

I knew her husband would be behind me as I exited the room. He was. I hugged him. Firmly. Attempted to tell him what I did.

I couldn't.

He knew. I knew.

There was nothing much more.

I allowed him to enter her room closing the door behind him. Helplessly I stood, blankly stared at my classmate.

Welcome to day one on the floor.

Nursing has a whole new meaning.

Day 1.

She passed an hour and a half later....just minutes before I was due back.

It was the heaviest my heart has felt in quite some time as she flatlined. Slow motion we all did our parts.

A death right before my eyes, of a stranger that I felt I knew a lifetime.

Taking my scrubs off after my first shift was much hard to do. I felt like the job wasn't over, the story wasn't finished. I wanted to take the husband out for some coffee. 2439 questions unanswered.


What a small, 5 lettered word, that completes everyone's lifelong story.

I don't think I've done much since then. Thursday was a long, rewarding, yet unsettling day.

I cant get Thursday off my mind.


Indiana is growing on me.

Becoming a nurse is absorbing me.

Day 1 will always be with me.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Indiana, where there is nothing, and nothing is okay.

Welcome to the Wild wild Midwest...

Fireflies flickering in between the Chinese Elms, debating to grab a jar to catch them and reminisce my childhood or to catch the suckers barehand and smear the bug juice and pretend I am at a rave with neon paint on.
The midwest sounded very unsettling as Dad and I landed 2 weeks ago. With our first stop at White Castle, and our order totaling 3 dollars I knew this culture shock was just beginning. 

Having the Green side of the fam dear and near is such a treat. You never realize how great family is till they are right under your nose, the Greens always allow for a hoot of a time.

Before I could really allow myself to panic about this whole midwest thing, I forced Holly to come spend the night with me, my first night at my new apartment, and she was here in under 2 hours. THAT is lovely. Long distance friendships should be illegal, never can escape them. Holly calmed the storm, and overnight I was ready for this next leap.

Last Monday I entered the doors of Saint Elizabeth Nursing school. Surrounded by worried faces, and tumbling stomachs. I was sweating and eager to hear how screwed I was. 
Nonetheless day one was pleasant, information overload, but pleasant. Met a friend, didn't burst into tears, was reissued scrubs that fit...first pair were more on the gangster-swag side.
It was a happy day.

Indiana in whole is a lot like getting lost in a corn maze. Small country roads, and tons of tall tall cornstalks making every dang road look exactly the same. The massive windmills in every pasture don't help much either. The men are gentleman, the girls all looking for a farmer. The food is weak, the wine is weaker. 

But I am happy. 

My home is cozy and a huge DIY project success. 
My roommate is rad and supports my endless desire to decorate and organize. She even allows me to continue to share my tradition of drinking out of mason jars like my previous roommates and I did, so far two thumbs up.

My forever dream to be a nurse is finally here. Its time to shine. 
I texted Holly the night before my very first day, saying "tomorrow is the day"
She set reality in quickly saying before you know you will be sending me the same text the night before you graduate. 
It's true.
As much of a anti-school person I am, I am excited. The wait is over.

This past weekend was "moving" to say the least. In short, flew to Texas for a convention of a product I have been a full believer in from day one...Zeal. Its my hangover cure, as well as my daily dose of amazingness. Natural energy, loaded with vitamins, sways illness, just amazing. 

Nonetheless the company itself is a Christian believing company, that always ends their 3 day conventions on Sunday with a day of worship. To be honest...I had a lot on my mind. Homework piled up to my ears, and I had no desire to be there nor knew why I was entering the walls of this faith overload when ultimately I was lost in my homework, my thoughts, my financial overload form starting this not so cheap school, my career path, and bottomline...lost in my faith.

 As the service commenced, my head was bowed, my anxiety was high, and tears began to stream from my eyeballs. Why? I wasn't sure. In the amount of 2.34 seconds before I could wipe my tears a man tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to follow him for a moment. I was then surrounded by him and his wife all in tears, as they grabbed my hand and placed something in my hand and looked into my eyes with a beam of faith and slowly said...."We don't know who you are, what your name is, or why you out of 3,000 people in this room,but we were called to give this to you for whatever stress or reason that may be in your way....and know, that He will help you."

What was placed in my palm was a rectangular piece of paper with a dollar amount much larger than I can even grasp.
The thing is, its not about this money that will now make things glide smoothly this first semester, but it was an act of something greater than kindness...I'd like to call it faith.

The power of One.


The weather fanatics of Indiana tell me winter is nearing, and that almost has me more scared than nursing school itself. Taking suggestions for brands of warm warm winter wear. 

Yours truly the temporary Midwestern

Saturday, June 6, 2015

6 days of happiness...

Since we last met, I've attempted to sort through the 6 weeks since the last blog, highlighting 6 of my happiest days!

May 2nd
I was running around in the rain in Paris, France with Tobin my friend from high school. We climbed all the way up to the Eiffel Tower via steps, and it was exhilarating! I felt not only like a huge tourist this day, but an accomplished tourist, and there is a BIG difference.
May 7th
London, England I met up with some Brits(my favorite breed) I had met in Asia, they gave me the local VIP tour, not only was it unlike anything I expected of the busy city of London, but it convinced me to extend my 4 night stay to an 8 night stay. I could have stayed all month. London indeed has it going on. One stop I do see myself becoming a resident of in the nearish future.

May 8th
Also in London, I met up with an old high school friend, Kyle, and we went and saw the Matilda show. Not only was my inner child released but it was an awesome production, and we may have been the oldest "kids" there. With the British twist, it added to the fun!  Later, We dared to get lost on the "tube" system, once we heard Notting Hill, we exited! It was by far my favorite neighborhood in London. The area was full of life, colorful, and nothing but great vibes. With a quick stop at the real estate window, my dreams were crushed, for I will NEVER be able to afford a fence in this area of London let alone a home. With that said, it still was a magical discovery that I can't wait to revisit.

May 10th
Mother's Day, why is this one of my favorite days you may ask? Well..... I sent my mom a beautiful bouquet of flowers, so stoked to hear that they arrived. I figured it was the least I could do for the lady as I gallivant around the globe. This day was my favorite because it showed me the true beauty of my mom, when miles away can really be humbling. Mom received the flowers. They were dead. Slimy. Mushy. And quite possibly the worst thing a mother could get on Mother's Day. I was so bummed. I failed. I couldn't even drive over and at least take the lady to lunch. I wasn't happy with BUT this day turned bright quickly, mom without hesitation thanked me, sent her love, and simply said, "it was the thought that counts". She was right, and millions of miles away, on HER day, she managed to make my day one of my favorites.

May 14th
Edinburgh, Scotland was a treat. The best from high school, Cole, studied in Edinburgh. Therefore I had not only the most warming places to stay all arranged by Cole himself, but I clicked with Hester and Sianan perfectly. I am convinced that enjoying a city throughly is easily done when you have great local tour guides. On this very day I spent a large amount of time taking in the surreal view from Hester's apartment. IT WAS LIKE NOTHING IVE EVER SEEN BEFORE. Imagine waking up in a new city, in a comfy bed(non hostel), in a old vintage flat with curtains of a deep red that expand from ceiling to floor, beyond those stand three equally as large windows that extend out into the most majestic view overlooking Edinburgh. Perfect times a million is what I was working with here. The feel of Hester's humble abode, the record player spitting out some solid tunes, and my eyes on complete overload. THIS. WAS. ONE.HAPPY. HAPPY.DAY.
I also entered the doors of the "Scotland Whiskey Experience", which after the ample amounts of tastes, I was another sort of happy. Nonetheless this day was simple, yet so very happy.

May 21nd
Dublin, Ireland I was chatting it up in my dorm, then these two girls popped their heads around the corner.....Carissa? Was probably the coolest thing. Traveling for this long, haven't ran into someone from my travels unintentionally....and bam, these girls I met in Paris weeks prior were in my very dorm in Dublin. I was happy, and a round of Guinness was in order.
May 25th
Moghegno, Switzerland were the Vosti Family originated.(another wonderful high school friend) This happy day, really was a full week. I was spoiled in the most quaint village with the population of something under 500. I took way too many pictures of the homes that completed this village that date back easily hundreds of years ago. I pretended to understand Italian, and adored everyone that attempted to talk to me, even my friend's 90 year old aunt with he coolest cat alive. I know, I hate catz. I ate my croissant that was delivered fresh that morning by the butchers wife that lived across the street. I was waved to by every person, for a visitor in town, gets around quickly. I soaked in my every move. I ate too much cheese, swiss chocolate, and wine. I said, woah, wow, ahh, every two minutes. happy.

Lagging behind makes it quite impossible to catch up in the blog world. Sharing 6 of my happiest day gives ya a good feel......only 4 weeks left to go.  Chat soon!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Takin a breather...and the unplanned run-in to the Middle East.

Every blog I start with a smile. A large, cheesy, grin. It helps me write, I hope through my writing my smile is shared. I have been lagging on the blog ever since I reached Europe. Ill blame the adorable cafes that make for a perfect environment for my favorite hobby of them all.people watching. Ill attempt to fill you in.  I have now clocked in just a week or two over 4 months on the go. My passport is filled with stamps, my Eurail train pass is filled with destination after destination. Yet I have this major fear of missing some incredible city or some small village Pinterest forgot to show me, or that one day I slept in and potentially missed the best morning stroll through the local market. This fear has been on my ass for the past couple of weeks. Untillll my Mom and Pete came to visit me in Madrid. The pace was finally slowed down, and I have finally came to terms to pipe down my obsession with picturesque alleyways, architecture, and landscape for it was getting out of hand. I personally was able to take a breather and have mom do my laundry and feed me as I sipped wine on a couch, and didn't do much more. It sounds boring, but it was perfect. I needed it. My body needed it. After the relaxation sensation, I was soon picking up speed. I have managed to explore 9 mind baffling countries thus far in Europe, and personally I don't have a way to express to you my experiences. I will say...daily I am catching myself lost in a land of questions unanswered, my history game constantly being tested, and my curiosity killing me. The most popular asked question is my favorite answer changes every time I'm asked, and I am okay with that:) 

Fast forwarding.....

While in Spain, I forced myself to make an itinerary. I had a list of places I still insist on seeing, and no plans as to what was next after Madrid. Last minute Mom, Pete, and I checked off one of mom's bucket list destinations. The overwhelmingly beautiful island of Mallorca, right of the coast of Spain. It was nothing shy of lovely, and my radical pal Tobin from high school is teaching there so it was a nice transition of kissing the parents goodbye, and hanging with Tobin whom did a great job taking me to the coolest spots on the island. I loved being with a great friend and didn't really want to leave that sense of comfort. SO I flew to Israel to continue on the comfort.

Was never on my itinerary, and honestly I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I figured a camel wouldn't be waiting on my arrival to tour me around, but in all seriousness I wasn't at all educated on the Middle East. My super sweet dear friend Zoe was waiting at Tel Aviv airport with open arms and the biggest smile. I ran to her instantly with questions of everything my eyes were already being drowned with. Culture uniqueness was in full swing my friends. I don't wish to tell you about my every move in Israel, but I will tell you a few special highlights.
Zoe and I went to high school together, she welcomed me to her "new life" as a recent new immigrant to Israel. She has accepted the challenge of learning Hebrew and is rocking it! She took me not only to the Dead Sea where we slathered mud on one other, but she took me to the Western Wall in Jerusalem which was powerful, the massive highly entertaining market with a local shouting two for one strawberries like a broken record, AND to the most quaint dining places where our series of chats over large amounts of fresh, crisp, local cuisine was consumed. Zoe is a walking history book, every step we took date and facts filled the air. She's amazing. I was lost most of the time, trying to avoid dog crap, control my stares at the many religious ways of identity, and to keep myself engaged with Zoe's enlightening stories. This stop, country number 15, was special.

I did complete my itinerary for the remainder of my adventure, as I promised myself. 2 months left and I am attempting to keep clear of the fear of missing that perfect picture, or that small town that will be very hard to reach, becasue that isn't what it's about. Day by day I am living in the moment, another cliché sentence, looky there.   But it's true. This world is something else. I tell myself that daily, yet daily I'm in awe. Next stop is France. Bordeaux to be exact. Sending my love to....Trader Joes, I really miss grocery shopping with you. To Lady my car, that I miss driving.  To Lins, Mads, Chris that I miss living with. To my Dad I miss our weekly lunches.

2 months..lets see what kinda crazy I can create.

Friday, March 13, 2015


Okay okay heres the sitch, I think its 26 mesquite bites on my left leg,and 44 on my right leg, no wait those are bedbugs. I have successfully sweated so much that I could be mistaken for a wet canine. I have ran out of toilet paper in times most inconvenience, my backpack is heavy oh so gotta sit down to hike that bad boy on my back heavy. I've bravely ate the most blistering chili,spicy,hot,curry. Yet I have had the most rockin' three months thus far.  I wont lie I think of home. I think of 'merica. I think of cookie butter from Trader Joe's. I think of a nice dinner with dad and his finest cooking, perhaps a steak with some grilled veggies and endless Napa Valley wine. Man my bed, I think of my bed with my Bed Bath and Beyond down comforter you can hide a body in. WOW

but the adventure continues.

Last time I left you I was entering Cambodia. I adore Cambodia. Quick recap. Cambodia was shut down as a country for three years 1975-1978. Due to this horrific, rat of a man that somehow justified the act of killing his own people. Probably my saddest day of travel... Visiting the Cambodian Killing Camp. Walking the same very path of the people of this fragile country, while listening to the history and break down via "tour on tape". I fought back tears, and watched my every step for there were bones and clothing remnants that weather has naturally brought to the surface over the years. This place was a shithole, made me angry, crushed my smile, and made me wonder how the hell can one mans demand kill 25% of his country. Closing it down in less then a weeks time, and banning the existence of Cambodia for three whole years. Simmer on that. Heavy. Waking up one day to a cluster of disaster. Loaded up by the car loads to be killed in the most unpleasant ways. This day I wish to never revisit. Upon entrance, stands a tower of the millions of skulls found/dug up, as a memorial of this time in history. Something no eye should have to see. Cambodia is indeed a 3rd world country
and my God what a stand of ovation I give to this lands recovery. Cambodians age 40 and older most likely were apart of this hardship, I just cannot even wrap my brain around this one.

Onto more colorful things.

We finished our trip right back in Thailand where it all began two months ago.This time in the southern islands. Oh la la. We made it to two islands, both highly stimulating, and quite the way to wrap up SE Asia. One of my last days was spent snorkeling with majestic colorful fishes, attempting to stay afloat, and keeping Jen near to point out all the neat creatures we could spot. The blue blue blue water was like a personal show, the jellyfish danced for us and refrained from stinging. The fish ate rice from my hand, and nibbled on my toes. The warm water and  aggravation of Jen's inability to capture a fish concluded our Southeast Asia trek.

As I sit in row 39 of 40 in route to Rome, Italy. Southeast Asia was spectacular. We covered Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Though I can't say it was all showers of skittles, it was an incredible 2 months of education, confirmation, and happiness. I left SE Asia with a smile. I have confirmed that I still want to be a nurse, and follow through with nursing school when I return. I have added villages to my endless list of places I want to revisit once I am that nurse. Lastly, I have found this piece of me that I didn't know existed....

You alway strive as human to be this sort of person, or that sort of person, or to be super good at this hobby, or to have the coolest this or that. This far in my travels I think I have figured out the life I wish to lead for myself and those of my surroundings.
This is silly.
This is really far fetched.

             this is really the meat of my last two months. Something about traveling here in SE Asia has morphed this concrete idea of who I want Carissa to be like,act like, live by. Maybe it was the huge cultural impressions, or the many other trillion backpackers from all over the globe influencing me slightly, or maybe it was the many quiet moments I had to gather my own thoughts, organize these suckers, and prioritize my being in a way that made this trip of course memorable and self fulfilling. Not exclaiming to be the new Buddha of Asia, nor the girl that goes and travels and comes back this "holy hell she's so different" of a person, nor do I really need to explain myself.....but I can explain one thing. When given moments of peace, silence, ability to be lost in thought with zero distraction, I have experienced some of my happiest days. Days crystal clear of confusion. I am overbearing with happiness. Traveling is about seeing the unseen, doing the coolest things to tell mom and dad, taking that super eye appealing picture, but what I have found is that traveling is this, this happiness that's constantly running through me. It's toxic, it's fun, it's something I hope to carry through my day to day life when the adventure is over. This is simple, what am I thinking? I know. You have to agree everyday is an adventure whether stuck in the most boring lecture, or lost in the jungle in fear of a monkey snatching your sunglasses. Sometimes life is so busy we forget the main motives, like happiness. THIS is what traveling has unraveled for me.

I am the antsiest on the plane
I am ready to be cold
I am ready to feel clean
I am ready to continue on the adventure

Okay okay the wine cart is coming.

Uh and Jen has her blanket on her head....We are flying AirIndia, I gotta go. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My true love....Vietnam.

Americans in Vietnam added a twist to our trip. Everywhere I have ever gone in this world, Americans were loved. Always. We were favored, trusted, and never thought of as evil.  Entering Vietnam quickly changed this view.  We soon learned to claim to be Canadian, where from in Canada that was the least of our worries.  Anything to keep us from getting the "oh you are Americans" look.  

With that being said, Vietnam has been a favorite thus far.  Vietnam is beautiful and I instantly fell in love with the country despise I couldn't be my own nationality from time to time.  But how can I be upset, Americans had totally destroyed Vietnam in the war, so I just had to be mindful of that.  

My one an only topics I wish to cover in this blog is my favorite town.  

Hoi An. 

"An Ancient Town that is an exceptionally well-preserved example of a South-East Asian trading port dating from the 15th to the 19th century. Its buildings and its street plan reflect the influences, both indigenous and foreign, that have combined to produce this unique heritage site."
Hoi An was majestic, all the buildings are painted this mustard yellow color. Each store/shop/mart/restaurant had its own uniqueness of design whether some rustic shutters, a immaculate arch way, or some colorful flowers that forced you to snap a picture.  This town was gold.  It made me smile. It held history within these yellow stone walls that made you question Hoi An's history.  This town ran along the Mekong River, many evenings Jen and I would sit on a rooftop bar and just soak it all in.  Not to mention the most precious elderly people would be waiting to canoe you down the river for a dollar a person.  It was romantic in its own way.  Coincidently we spent Valentines Day here, and I was truly in love with traveling at this point. So it made for a Valentine's Day I won't forget.  On the other side of Hoi An was the South China Sea, that you could take a bicycle out for the day and spend your day beachside.  
Let me express to you this bike ride.  
Maybe my heart was just so full from this town already, but this bike ride was excellent.  We roamed through some small villages getting waved at by the local children, them shouting HELLO in their best English accents, we ran into some lost cows that seemed just as happy as us, we biked though the most lush green field of nothing that I have ever seen. We peddled and peddled and I never wanted this day to end.  I was beaming with joy and even more in admiration for this city.  

Hoi An is a place to see, put it on your bucket list.  

They are known for their tailor work, you could show them some Pinterest picture of this romper you've been dying to find, in half a day it was made for you for a great price and fits oh you know, perfectly.  
Maybe I was so head over heels for this place because is was so vastly different from the rest of Vietnam.  Maybe because  here I could be an American, maybe because I smiled the entire 5 days, maybe because we were sharing our time with two girls we've met from New Zealand that we equally adore, maybe because I got clothing made that fit my tall ass self perfectly, maybe because it was the buy one get one drinks, or maybe the pure beauty of this simple slow pace romantic history enriched city.  

Vietnam has a special spot in my heart, the many hardships this country has endured due to us "horrible Americans" puts life into a different perspective.  A perspective I have never thought of.  

Tata for now Vietnam.  I'll be back.