Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hello from Sac town!

May this blog reminisce of the word Today! 

Today, I stand in the middle of my fifth week of school at Sacramento State University.


Today, I found out I have a B+ in Medical Physiology which is a big deal people! Lets hope to keep it that way until the Final!

Today, I found out I suck at history, politics, government, you know anything that is pretty important for life or for my government class. A struggle, nicely put. Okay this class is kicking my ass! But one day at a time, like most things in life, and the job will be done.

Today, I got a call from the Football Director, asking me to come in to interview for the position titled "Assistant of the Football Recruitment Committee"! I wanted to scream HELL YES, into the phone... Then he proceeded, "I'm hesitant to bring a girl into this position for last girl was distracted with the football players themselves and we had to let her go"
Quick on my feet I said, "No boys, only books for this girl" The cheesy comment, and assertive behavior got me the interview I suppose!

Today, I have been awarded an Internship on campus called the "Green Army". Which basically is a student spirit group to spread awareness of Sport games, and anything Sac State has to offer for the students. I also get to ride in the "Green Army" bus which is pretty rad!

Today, I have finally made my first friend, her name unsure of, but whatever day 1 of friendship its okay to have forgotten. right?

Sacramento State is a commuter school, which is the pits, 5pm and this place looks like a desert, and myself left to be social without a soul in sight. It was a struggle. It remains a struggle. Everyone lives 45minutes or more away, most live with their parents still.

Then there is me.

Social life I have always had a A+ in, this adjustment is hard.

I wake up and walk out of my house to young families herding their youngsters into the car for school, 89 year olds watering their grass and waving their frail arm in the air shouting "have a good day!".

I wave back, crinkle my nose.

It's cute?

This IS my home now.

It's odd, this isn't the college life I adapted to when living in Santa Barbara.

So Today, I thought...

What am I good at? How can I make money? How can I meet people?

So here.

My business card. Carissa's Ciddy Care. Once these bad boys arrive, I hope to walk house to house and spread the word that I live in the neighborhood and I KNOW you have children so let me watch your kids! 

As I wait, I began to stalk houses that have children, like a creep, I have jotted down the house numbers that have youngsters. First I thought it wouldn't be easy, but when the kids are DARTING at me as I drive by while I'm on my way to my 8am classes, I think "hey easy after all"

And maybe just maybe I can teach these kids a lesson or two of Looking both ways before crossing the street!

I want to get my face known in the neighborhood, so like the goober I am, when I leave my house...
My windows remain down
I wave at everything that moves
I listen to tasteful music
I smile
I drive slow
I make complete stops at all stop signs

So other then the mass amount of bird crap smothered on my car 
I think I'm doing good.

Today, I chose to stay here in Sacramento for the first weekend, I chose to try and have a social life in the town I reside. The past weekends I have ran away from my loneliness to
Santa Barbara
Saint Helena

But Today, I chose to give Sac a try this weekend. 

Today, I understood the excitement on my fathers face as we meet weekly for our lunch date.
It's fun.
It's relaxing.
It's interesting that my 60 something year old father's day is amplified but simply having lunch with his baby. 


Until Today, I didn't understand a good conversation. A time to unwind, nourish the body with good food and company. 

Today, I smiled when my dad hugged me and said "See ya next week" As I grow, I understand the goodness of a parent. The wholesome they can add to a child's life.

Today, like everyday I think of my mom.

Everyday without hesitation I talk to my mom. My best friend, the reason I have hope for my future. 

Today, I miss my mom, my mommy, my momma llama, my Cher. I miss eating like a horse, and laughing at her goofy attributes that she adds to life! 

Today, I have made a countdown.. A way I have found that keeps me alive, to look forward to the good. The great. The moments that leave memories.

*one week from Today, is Hannah's Birthday, one of my dearest friends that sadly lives miles from me. It's her 21st birthday soon. Soon we shall obviously be reunited.

*three weeks from Today, is Alicia a former roommate of mine, 21st as well. So looks like a trip to Santa Barbara is in the plan to reunite with the b-day girl and my old Happy House of Santa Barbara California! 

*seven weeks from Today, Home, for turkey day! Then I get to see my Mom, my Pete, my Holly, my Al, and my pups! Thankfully! 

*ten weeks from Today, Christmas break begins. Which marks the end of the semester AND awards me with a wonderful cruise with my dad to the Caribbean.

~Not to shabby of a life~


In closing Today, I have been reminded of the small things.
The things that make me smile.
Somethings that many of us forget.
Today, I list my small happy things! 

A happy text from my closest friends.
A smile from my professor for a job well done.
A piece of gum to stimulate my mind throughout 8am class.
A extra 5 dollars found while doing laundry.
A reason so smile.
A electric toothbrush.
A desire to make small moves, striving towards big outcomes.
A heart that's okay with giving.
A hand that's okay with lending.
A upbringing that constantly wants me to thank my parents.
A extra scoop of coffee grounds, to add to my pep for the day. 
A tiny handful of candy corn, since its almost Halloween.
A deep breath.

A tear, a small happy tear, that signifies, even alone, in this new place, new school, new lifestyle, new adventures, new faces...

It will all be okay.

Today has blessed me. What has TODAY brought you?