Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Magical idea that may be so far fetch that it's.... perfect.

Sky high flying back to the Midwest. I could explain how this doesn't excite me even the slightest BUT I have exhausted that sentence. I had one phenomenal Spring Break. Thankfully spring break was awarded just as I was about to break emotionally and physically with school and the stresses that come with. 

California never fails when all I need is a smile and unconditional love and fun. I didn't do much this break besides sit in rooms with my favorites, typically with a glass of vino in hand. It was needed, it was amazing, and summer break is in 




I can do this. 

Upon my week of relaxation I brainstormed this idea that is nothing shy of magical. So magical I had to share. 

Lets discuss Society.
For me Society is this huge object/item/thing/human standing on a stage screaming at me the way I should and shouldn't do life. This sort of idea that we as creatures on Earth have to do X, Y, and Z, and some ridiculous idea they call a timeline when this and that must be done. Not only doing X, Y, and Z, but completing them in a way that others have said that they need to be checked off. This may seem so wrong as you read this, but it's exactly how we all do life. 

 I have to do my homework, I have to work today, I have to work out, I have to do laundry. Company is coming over I have to clean my house. I have to get into this school by this date. I have to be successful by this date,  I have to call that person. I have to, I have to , I have to. When really life can look different with a simple twist of the way we word our words. Hear me out.

I find myself as a nursing student complaining of the endless hours of homework that I can't seem to get ahead. It's killing me, it brings out my worst dramatic self blah blah blah, it exhausting, its true but its never going to change so heres my change. Instead of voicing I have to do my 4 million hours of homework ugh I hate this. Why not step back realize I've wanted to be right where I am for years, I have longed to be in nursing school. Im here and now its time to shine and take the 4 million hours of homework and do them, complete them, and complain less. It's easy for me to say now for this first week back I feel refreshed but I think with anything in life you need to realize you don't have to work or work out. You CHOSE to because you want that challenge, no? Life is full of decisions we put on our plate individually, handpicked even....think about it. WE need to complain less. 

We all work, we all complain about it, no one actually loves what takes them away from time with loved ones or takes you away from your goose feather comforter and plush mattress. But this can be viewed differently as well. For myself working for a company totally online, the freedom of setting my own hours, balancing work with school. My goal is to look at work as I get to earn some easy cash by styling people online that want MY opinion on what to put on their body to start their day, how cool... all while I am in my Pjs, and in the comfort of my home. Work has a new meaning, I picked this "work" I love it. Why did I ever complain? It pays rent each month too, also feeds me, and gives me money for plane tickets home, man thats awesome. 

When school does end and work becomes a big girl job as Nurse Carissa, I hope to keep this mentality. This is my dream, and any dream shouldn't fall under the negative word that society hounds on 

Working out, I hate it.  Instead the negativity, set a challenge, voice I am going to sweat so much that after this hour of intensity I will feel rejuvenated and less stressed, have a great looking temple I mean you only get one, and hey I will even fit into my pants. 

Folding laundry who jumps up and says hell yes laundry? But having this idea of man I love these clothes, they keep me warm, they look great on me, and they are reusable, durable, and are a necessity. Laundry folding isn't that bad after all. 

7 hour clinicals starting back up twice a week, zero pay, makes for a long ass day, waking up at 4am to deal with things that are negative, unpleasant, disturbing, and a challenge. Looking through a new set of lens, I am excited to offer myself for 7 hours to people in a place of need much greater than myself. I get to give MY skills, MY knowledge, MY smile to help someones shitty day a tiny bit better, waking up at 4am isn't that bad after all. 

Our list of complaints will never end. But I do believe that our complaints can be voiced and looked at in a way thats much more pleasant to hear and see. Not to mention the act of doing these daily tasks will be much more rewarding. 

Remember many of our complaints are our own decisions, Spring Break showed me this magical lesson. I think that 7 weeks in between myself and summer is a great time to implement positive projections and actions. Live the life you have molded for yourself. 

For a great nighttime read I must recommend two life changing reads. 
Spark Joy by Marie Kondo- a book that takes you down a path of decluttering your home and life.
The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz- a book about a way of living much greater than I can even begin to explain.

Happy Spring. It's going to be the best one yet. The power of your own voice is amazing, give this magical idea a go, what's there to lose?