Wednesday, November 14, 2012

One carton of large eggs cracked on the ground.
Flour thrown on top.
Feathers added to the mess.
Then me laying "starfish style" in the catastrophe.

This is my mind, my thoughts, my formation of a sentence, my unease of my surroundings.

When I gladly would love to throw my hands in the air and just give up, I laugh.

To laugh?

The idea that hurts my stomach, twists my mind, turns my frown, and sends bursts of happiness through my veins.

To laugh.

When I laugh, many times my laughter is shared with her...

When I laugh, many don't understand why, for my humor is her...

When I laugh, my imagination runs through a field of the craziest stories one can ever tell.

Her is my ELITE friend.


>Calls me from four states away, daily
>Texts me more then AT&T should allow
>Puts unrealistic theories into a scientific compound medicated contraption and makes me swallow
>Holds my hand with my every move
>Erases the evil, ugly, hate, pain, fear, and simply replaces with a picture of delighted nonsense
>Masters the minds that I cannot figure out
>Educates me
>Tells me I'm perfect
>Makes me believe in dreams
>Tells me running with the wolves is acceptable
>Forces me to push for my aspirations
>Acknowledges my mistakes, and comes up with Plan B

understands to laugh. 

Honestly, She understand me, how I function, how to get me to listen, how to unravel the stubborn that lives deep inside.

I tell everyone that will listen about this incredible soul that one day will discover the medication needed to cure the blind. The pharmacist that will have the whole town talking, the girl that is accurate, precise, persistent, compelling, courageous, responsible, mindful, brilliant, beautiful, and my MATCHLESS friend.

Her name is Holly.

She has held me together over the years in a transition of life that is much like a carton of eggs smothered on the ground.

To me....
To laugh, couldn't be more clearly understood then by HER.