Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fall, Father, and Freakin' Stress

As I sip my favorite Pumpkin Spice coffee, I kick my feet up and rejoice about the best season of them all. 

Fall time is so ridiculously pretty I find myself hardly paying attention to the car in front of me for the surroundings of warm color tones distract me. 

Fall time means I am almost to Christmas break for school, I almost get to wear the largest infinity scarfs that I can get a hold of, and I almost turn a new year older....

Fall also means I gain weight, I smile larger, and I roll around in leaf piles.

This Fall I get to spend with Jorge Verde, the father, the mastermind behind my goofball of a self. 

...................1 1/2 years ago I decided to attend Sacramento State, which put me a lil skip away from my daddieo. The idea was alright at first, being close to a parent wasn't always in the definition of "college life" BUT here I am today to explore my happiness that my father showers on me.

George is_______blank______________. 

I have, over the years, had numerous amounts of people go on and on about my dad, which warms my heart, as well as reminds me what my dad means to me. Many have plenty of parts of speech that could fill in this blank, arranging from a wide variety of words.....


I'd like to fill that blank in myself.

My D
runs his own damn race, is the best at whatever he sets his mind to whether 

abalone diving or choosing the restaurant to take me out to on our weekly father 

daughter dates. He is the champ of all chimpanzees, he teaches me to reach for 

the stars, he defines strength better than any bodybuilder, and impossible 

isn't in his vocabulary.

Sometimes I question myself how someone can take each problem/situation and flip the tables for a great laughing matter, I long to realize like my dad the simplicity to life, I want to never be afraid for adventure, I hope when I am over the age of 60 I have the endless desire to chase the wind.

As I get older I aspire to find a man that leads a life that my father lives. I hope the man of dreams resembles my father in the ways above. 

I wish I could stand before the world and show the true definition of genuine, caring, giving, loving, strong, daring, adventurous, courageous, positive, happy, and funny as hell....because my dad is ALL of the above


In closing, Fall brings stress, but stress is a simple speed bump to climb right on over. 

Luckily I am half of my father and, stressing is one of those things I try to realize as something that sneaks up on you but really is one of the most minor inconveniences.


hear me out.

Most people that are "stressed" to me are important people that have been given a load of responsibilities to tackle for someone thought they could tackle the given tasks. Perhaps you are a student, a CEO, a parent, a friend, a spouse, a caregiver, a stripper for all get out. YOU WILL HAVE STRESS.

okay so accept. 

life was handed to you on a platter of stress for someone believed in you to give YOU the amount of responsibility they know you are capable of.

Being stressed and claiming you are stressed will only lead you to be more stressed...

make a list, get it done, then enjoy a massive glass of vino afterwards. speaking on behalf of myself and all you college folk, stress will never ever go away and quite frankly the amount of stress my parents have encountered from my 21 years of existence will be far more stress to swallow then any assignment ever given in school...

embrace the challenge.....
                what is expected of you, was given to you for a reason.

the degree, the job promotion, the awesome kids you raise, the person you become will be worth that platter of stress that was handed to you time after time.

I promise.

With Fall in full throttle, I wish the happiest Holidays, may everyone take a moment to enjoy their surroundings, lighten the mood, and smile... life is nothing but beautiful.