Monday, July 7, 2014

The long overdue update of the new graduate that is accepting the idea of growing up...maybe.

Family, Friends, Stalkers,Acquaintances Hello! 

So May 17th I graduated! First in the family on my moms side to do so! Yippy! 

Graduation was awesome, the ceremony shook my bones and allowed me to fasten my seatbelt for the next chapter in life.    

Over the course of my 4 years of college, aside from the degree I was earning,Bachelors of Childhood Development and pre- nursing, I collected a list of the things I've gained/experienced/thought while in college.

Below is my extensive list of shananigins. 

              ~Men in suits are as delightful as a dark piece of the finest quality of chocolate. 

~You will win some and lose some. And that's okay. 

~I've learned that a 6 page paper can be knocked out in 2 hours especially if it's due at midnight and it's 10pm

~I've learned when professors attempt to scare you about an exam you'll fail especially if you haven't started studying.

~I've learned that college drivers are still idiots

~Parking lots on campus are as scary as a racetrack with no race car

~The gym on campus is where a lot of jersey shore individuals congregate

~college boys still smell

~Even though you are attending an English speaking public school, sometimes you are stuck with a professor that's knows 17 words of English, that's when you know your semester will be a hoot.

~Most girls wear yoga pants.  Daily.  Never fails.

~I've learned my hair can go 4 days without a washing especially during midterms/finals

~The people within your major will be great for the vast majority of the time, then there will be the selected few that make you become a marathon runner when you catch a glimpse of them nearing you.

~The first few weeks of school you can hardly find a seat in class not to fret week three the class is empty.

~Parties will never meet the satisfaction as they did my college years.  And that's fine liver replacements aren't cheap.

~Being late to class sucks, but the price you pay for college makes it okay.

~Being part of an organization.  For myself the Greek system, amplified my connections, social outings, and poured me with the best of friends my college years could give. 

~ my printer purchased 4 years ago, has remained in Chinese characters/language for the duration of its existence. no idea how to fix it. But it prints so well that learning how to read Chinese has crossed my mind.

~I have gone through enough paper to have sadly killed a forest

~Managed to go through 6 phones in 4 years

~accumulated enough parking tickets on campus to make a mural for my wall of all the tickets.

 And with my undergrad complete, and the random goodness college filled my life with, I wouldn't have done it any other way!

Next you may ask.


Completing currently my last pre-req for nursing school. Amen.

Hoping to score this awesome paid internship at UC Davis Medical Center within the next few weeks. I would be working in the Infusion pediatric unit, and I'd be one happy girl doing so.

Fingers crossed

Ideally Id like to fill this year I am taking off from school (before RN school)with the most I possibly can. Build my resume, and gain experience. One step at a time, but I'll get there. 

Lots to come, excited where this graduated life takes me. Thanks to all the support of the past 4 years. Mom, Dad, Pete mucho thanks!   

P.S. Getting the itch to travel, stay tuned!