Sunday, November 2, 2014

holy cow.

Hi Friendlings!

Much to recap.
Much to be thankful for.
Much news to share.
Much to little time.

Life has been full, delightful, plentiful, exciting, and assuring.

I have been working. HARD. Two jobs every day. One at the infant unit at the preschool, which I love, and hardly love. Bittersweet relationship.
Some days I have 7 infants to my two hands, those days are hard, long, and allow me to go bald. Some days I have 2 infants those days I wish I could take them home with me like a “rent a baby”. Infants are tiny, microscopic to some, and seriously the most interesting stage of development.

Infancy-pure of the pure the most dependent of dependent, and the most life fulfilling that one can feel. Least how my emotions run.
I have learned patience, I have learned the coolest swaddling bundling body bouncing shhhing soothing rhythm possible, for that I call myself the infant whisperer, and I think I deserve a name tag with that title under it. BUT that’s just my opinion.

I deal with stress and anxiety and uncertainty, and mothers that ask me questions that make my down earth carefree self completely stressed.

The way the parents talk to me, with such trust with their most prized possession is rewarding. I love feeling so loved with each of the 7 tiny people. I feel spending 40 hours a week with some of these babies has me feeling like their second mom. I can hardly take a bathroom break without completely chaos when I return. They are attached, as am I.  The feeling of a 3 or 10 month old recognizing you before the cognitive development of speech is in play is heart warming, and oh so something to smile about. It’s all about the tiny souls you leave your impact on.  

I love the relationship I have with all 7 of the infant’s parents. Each so unique, from parenting style to those “cool” parents, to those “how are you a parent” style. I learn a lot from them and remember a lot to add to my book of NEVERS. Parenting is hard, I question if I’m even cut out for the job one day. Currently that answer is HELL no.  
It’s a cat n’ mouse race.

I love my job, but I love what my future has on hold…….

Recently was accepted into Nursing School, something I have dreamt of for years, a dream I chased after and tripped over time, and time again. And finally I won the race. Nursing school student August 2015 count me in! It’s hard to reach over your shoulder and pat yourself on the back after what’s in your mind failure time and time again. This time was rewarding and such a breath of fresh air. Still can’t stop from grinning. So

See ya in 10 months Saint Elizabeth’s School of Nursing Lafayette, Indiana!

I have always made one promise to myself
and now its time to follow through.

Before nursing school, I insisted I must travel, and travel extensively before I entered the accelerated life of nursing school, then my career starring at me, then marriage yanking at my leg, then children running around with snotty noses.

So with that I am working hard like mentioned before.

Because this December I am embarking on a 5-6 month journey.


With my backpack, passport, Jen whom I traveled to Sri Lanka with, and an adventurous heart we are ready for take off.

We have destinations we wish to reach yet no specific path we must follow. We want the wind to carry us wherever it may take us.

We want adventure, safety, culture, adrenaline, pizazz, and a book full of memories.

The tentative itinerary   

~3 weeks with my dad hitting up Australia, New Zealand, Xmas islands, Fiji 

~Lil flight over to Bangkok to meet up with Jen in mid January. 2 months in Asia

~Skip on over to Europe 2 months here as well, with hopes of anyone and everyone coming to visit, mom and Pete already on check with this ideaJ

~Then final potential stop to the UK for 3 week-1 month.

Its nuts, makes my mom pick her nails, but it’s a must, and we cant wait to set sail.

Lots to come.

Oh and its Fall my favorite time of the year, so much bliss, grab some pumpkin spiced anything and enjoy it with some great company.

Til’ we meet again