Saturday, June 6, 2015

6 days of happiness...

Since we last met, I've attempted to sort through the 6 weeks since the last blog, highlighting 6 of my happiest days!

May 2nd
I was running around in the rain in Paris, France with Tobin my friend from high school. We climbed all the way up to the Eiffel Tower via steps, and it was exhilarating! I felt not only like a huge tourist this day, but an accomplished tourist, and there is a BIG difference.
May 7th
London, England I met up with some Brits(my favorite breed) I had met in Asia, they gave me the local VIP tour, not only was it unlike anything I expected of the busy city of London, but it convinced me to extend my 4 night stay to an 8 night stay. I could have stayed all month. London indeed has it going on. One stop I do see myself becoming a resident of in the nearish future.

May 8th
Also in London, I met up with an old high school friend, Kyle, and we went and saw the Matilda show. Not only was my inner child released but it was an awesome production, and we may have been the oldest "kids" there. With the British twist, it added to the fun!  Later, We dared to get lost on the "tube" system, once we heard Notting Hill, we exited! It was by far my favorite neighborhood in London. The area was full of life, colorful, and nothing but great vibes. With a quick stop at the real estate window, my dreams were crushed, for I will NEVER be able to afford a fence in this area of London let alone a home. With that said, it still was a magical discovery that I can't wait to revisit.

May 10th
Mother's Day, why is this one of my favorite days you may ask? Well..... I sent my mom a beautiful bouquet of flowers, so stoked to hear that they arrived. I figured it was the least I could do for the lady as I gallivant around the globe. This day was my favorite because it showed me the true beauty of my mom, when miles away can really be humbling. Mom received the flowers. They were dead. Slimy. Mushy. And quite possibly the worst thing a mother could get on Mother's Day. I was so bummed. I failed. I couldn't even drive over and at least take the lady to lunch. I wasn't happy with BUT this day turned bright quickly, mom without hesitation thanked me, sent her love, and simply said, "it was the thought that counts". She was right, and millions of miles away, on HER day, she managed to make my day one of my favorites.

May 14th
Edinburgh, Scotland was a treat. The best from high school, Cole, studied in Edinburgh. Therefore I had not only the most warming places to stay all arranged by Cole himself, but I clicked with Hester and Sianan perfectly. I am convinced that enjoying a city throughly is easily done when you have great local tour guides. On this very day I spent a large amount of time taking in the surreal view from Hester's apartment. IT WAS LIKE NOTHING IVE EVER SEEN BEFORE. Imagine waking up in a new city, in a comfy bed(non hostel), in a old vintage flat with curtains of a deep red that expand from ceiling to floor, beyond those stand three equally as large windows that extend out into the most majestic view overlooking Edinburgh. Perfect times a million is what I was working with here. The feel of Hester's humble abode, the record player spitting out some solid tunes, and my eyes on complete overload. THIS. WAS. ONE.HAPPY. HAPPY.DAY.
I also entered the doors of the "Scotland Whiskey Experience", which after the ample amounts of tastes, I was another sort of happy. Nonetheless this day was simple, yet so very happy.

May 21nd
Dublin, Ireland I was chatting it up in my dorm, then these two girls popped their heads around the corner.....Carissa? Was probably the coolest thing. Traveling for this long, haven't ran into someone from my travels unintentionally....and bam, these girls I met in Paris weeks prior were in my very dorm in Dublin. I was happy, and a round of Guinness was in order.
May 25th
Moghegno, Switzerland were the Vosti Family originated.(another wonderful high school friend) This happy day, really was a full week. I was spoiled in the most quaint village with the population of something under 500. I took way too many pictures of the homes that completed this village that date back easily hundreds of years ago. I pretended to understand Italian, and adored everyone that attempted to talk to me, even my friend's 90 year old aunt with he coolest cat alive. I know, I hate catz. I ate my croissant that was delivered fresh that morning by the butchers wife that lived across the street. I was waved to by every person, for a visitor in town, gets around quickly. I soaked in my every move. I ate too much cheese, swiss chocolate, and wine. I said, woah, wow, ahh, every two minutes. happy.

Lagging behind makes it quite impossible to catch up in the blog world. Sharing 6 of my happiest day gives ya a good feel......only 4 weeks left to go.  Chat soon!